Both the Elite and XL models hold the pods from any manufacturer that are the same size as the Kuerig K-cup packs©. It even holds refillable pods of that size. The refillable pods fit best in the back rows because the tops are a bit thicker and may keep the unit from closing if you place them in the front row.  


Which is the front?

There is a slot in the front of the Coffeekeeper to help you grasp the smooth metal for easier access to your coffee. 



How much clearance should I allow between the Coffeekeeper and other things on my counter?

Placement under the cabinet: Remember that the unit pulls forward and down a bit so you can easily see and access the back row of pods. Dimensions of a fully accessed Coffee Keeper shown:

Hint: Snugging the to the front of the cabinet makes it easier to see and access the back row.



How strong is the adhesive?

The adhesive is very strong. In fact, be sure to have your placement all planned out before sticking the Coffeekeeper to the bottom of your cabinet. It will not come off without scraping it off.

Here are some tips from our engineering staff and customers:

1.  Be sure to wipe the bottom of the cabinet where the top brackets sit against the bottom of the cabinet with rubbing alcohol. This step ensures that the adhesive will be able to grab.

2.  Wait 24 hours before filling and using the coffeekeeper. Don’t want to wait? Use the included screws. They are short enough so they will not come through the bottom of the cabinet, and there is no need to drill - they just screw right in. The adhesive will hold the unit in place making this step really easy.  


Should I use the included screws?

Feedback tells us that many of our customers just don’t want to wait the 24 hours to let the adhesive cure – they want to use the Coffeekeeper right away, and use the screws when they install the unit. 


How durable is this thing?

Coffeekeepers are made of powder-coated steel, and has industrial strength rivets. In four years, we haven’t had any returns because of failure. And, because your Coffeekeeper is affixed to the bottom of your cabinet, it gains added stability.